My name is Michelle and I live in Stockholm with my husband Geoff.

Exploring new countries, ways of life, languages, and meeting friends from around the world is a passion of mine. This led me to move to Vienna, Austria when I was 19. I had never been there before, but somehow I knew I would love it … and I did! I returned to Australia to finish my degree, and then moved again, this time to work in London. After two years I knew it was time to return to beautiful Vienna to live again, with a month exploring Egypt in between. In 2013 I also spent 3 months working in Berlin.

My studies have also followed a similar, international route, with a Bachelor of International Relations, a Graduate Diploma in Classics and Archeology and a Masters of International Studies. I am fascinated by immigration policy, the experiences and identities of people who have lived across more than one culture (be it in one country or across many) and cosmopolitanism, particularly within the European Union. These are areas I will explore on this website.

I research, write and speak about identity and the experiences of life across multiple cultures. I’m currently researching highly mobile people and their children for a forthcoming book.

I am available to speak on topics of identity, cross-cultural communications and understanding, and Third Culture Kids. If you are interested, contact me here.

I love to hear the experiences of people who have lived overseas, how they found their way there, their path to learning the language – I’d love to hear about your adventure, so please send me an email.