Demo: In-Context Email Annotation with Microsoft Outlook

This site contains information and resources related to Andrew Lampert's email classification research.

The Plug-in

The plug-in we have developed augments Microsoft Outlook 2007 with functionality that facilitates in-context human annotation of email messages and provides a platform for deploying and evaluating automated document processing tools, in our case, request and commitment classifiers.

The plug-in includes a range of features for discovering, displaying and interacting with requests and commitments. The methods for display and interaction are the same for both manually identified and automatically identified requests and commitments, which allows us to use the plug-in in several modes: either as a purely manual annotation tool, or as a tool that integrates automatic classifiers (whilst still allowing additional manual annotations and classification corrections). The overall appearance of the interface is as shown in Figure 1. Below we describe the main features of the plug-in.

In the following set of screens, we outline a demo of our in-context email annotation plug-in for Microsoft Outlook. It provides a walk-through of key functionality, and explanation of the architecture for both annotation and logging of annotations and interaction data.

Next Step: Message-level Annotation

If you make use of any of these resources, please cite the following paper:

Lampert A, Breese D, Paris C and Dale R - A Tool for Capturing Context-Sensitive Judgements in Email Data, CSIRO ICT Centre Technical Report (EP092057), September 2009.